A trip to the past

From 1902 to 1957, the Gore District was under strict prohibition.

H. S. Cordery and Detective Sergeant Hewitt (pictured) raid an illegal whisky still at Ferndale, near Gore, in December 1933.

Police charged with enforcing prohibition in eastern Southland frequently raided illegal stills.

Cordery was the collector of customs from 1928 to 1935. He was known as β€˜Hammer of the Scots’ for his zeal in going after illegal distillers.

Moonshine is here to stay

The Hokonui Moonshine Museum holds its own off licence for alcohol.

In an unusual twist, visitors to the museum can purchase bottles of Hokonui moonshine made to the original recipe.

The moonshine is distilled onsite in a uniquely crafted still. It combines artistic flare with functionality, reminiscent of those used back in the day.

Try it for yourself!