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G'ma Julz Hot Water Bottle

G'ma Julz Hot Water Bottle

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My name is Julie Blackler, but you can call me G'ma Julz. 

My Hokonui Moonshine creations can only be purchased at the Gore Visitor Centre/Moonshine Museum.

Like me, they are colourful, quirky, fun and unique creations as no two are the same given the handmade quality slow craft entails. I am G'ma because I have been told crochet and stitching is a thing Grandmas do, and I am proudly a young at heart G'ma.

I started supplying the Moonshine bottle socks to the Hokonui Moonshine to compliment the bottles of Moonshine a few years ago, and I am passionate about the beautiful grain spirit and the story of Old Hokonui Moonshine.

My inspiration and love of slow craft creativity have been years in the making. For these products, I use mainly hessian cotton and yarn, which is locally sourced. As many of these began during lockdown stock, I had at home dictated the choices made in colours. I enjoy using simple, honest, rustic materials in my freestyling slow craft, as I am not a production line outsourced elsewhere. I am made right here in Gore in my home studio around family and other work commitments.

I create these unique ones of kind pieces with passion, and the hessian and fibre choices dictate the final products. Of course, being slow crafts, the most important thing is the inspiration and time made to create, and every stitch is made with care and love.

How lucky am I to have such a great local story to draw inspiration from. I hope you enjoy the creativity this Moonshine journey has led me on too.

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